Custom Metal Plaques for Denton and Tarranty County Texas

Custom Metal Plaques Fort Worth

The uses for custom metal plaques are endless and come in a variety of metals and finishes. Use them to dedicate, commemorate, memorialize or to educate and inform. Cowtown Graphics & Signs is your one-stop commercial sign company in Fort Worth and we fabricate all sorts of metal plaques for just about any need.

Fabrication with Lifelong Use in Mind

Many of the plaques we manufacture have a lifetime guarantee. They are made of weather-resistant, heavy-duty materials such as:

  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Baked Enamel

Our plaques are manufactured with your needs in mind. Choose from:

  • Plaques with raised text, graphics and a recessed background.
  • Custom plaques—these are especially useful if you need a large amount of text.
  • Etched plaques.
  • Plaques with attractive finishes like satin, polished, oxidized or patina.
  • Plaques with a variety of backgrounds like leatherette, pebble or stipple backgrounds.

Who Can Benefit From Metal Plaques?

ADA metal plaques Denton County TXWe serve many areas in both Denton County, Texas and Tarrant County, Texas including Fort Worth, Arlington, Hurst, Bedford, Euless, Mansfield and Burleson.

Best uses for these plaques include:

  • Donor Recognition – Local sports teams, school, churches, nonprofits and local or state community parks.
  • Governments – To direct, reveal local officials elected—both past and present or plaques that are stamped with government graphics, seals or logos.
  • The Military – Great for all types of military buildings and recruiting offices.
  • Educational – Museums, arboretums, local and community parks, and other historical places to inform and educate visitors on area information.
  • Clubs and Organizations – Fraternities and sororities, rotary and Lion’s clubs as well as VFW organizations to dedicate, memorialize and commemorate.
  • Directional – Metal plaques are effective to use in both the interiors and exteriors of buildings for ADA compliant signage or to direct the public and consumers to offices or suites—or to commemorate building construction and date constructed.
  • Building and Address Signage – Great for building markers and can include numbers, text or graphics. Great for customization purposes based on building design requirements or building owner regulations.
  • Informational Markers – In state parks or for historical landmarks or buildings.

Why Choose Cowtown Graphics & Signs?

Custom Metal Plaques Tarrant County TXIf you’ve landed on this web page, chances are you have already checked out some of those “cookie-cutter” online sign companies where they promise easy ordering and quick delivery. Unfortunately, the “design” process may be all up to you and if you aren’t a graphic designer, there’s a good chance your custom plaques, once delivered, won’t be as expected.

Our team works with you and learns about your needs before we suggest designs and fabricate your plaques. We also want to hear your suggestions and implement them at every turn because 100 percent customer satisfaction is that important to us.

Then there is the installation process. With online sign companies, you’re left to install your plaques on your own. We offer full installation services and get the job done right the first time—on your schedule.

You want your metal plaques to be long-lasting and easy to read as well as options for attractive designs and varying finishes. We accomplish this through our Listen-Think-Solve process to ensure every plaque we produce is just what the customer ordered.

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