Illuminated Signs and Channel Letter Signs Fort Worth and Arlington


When you want your exterior signage to stand out around the clock, illuminated signs are the right solution. During the daylight, these markers feature bold colors that look great and draw the eye. After dark, the addition of illumination makes the colors pop and the markers stand out against the darkened façade of your building. Driving brand awareness and name recognition, these signs combine the style elements of your typeface as well as logo. And, we employ our Listen-Think-Solve Methodology to every signage project we do!

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are among the most popular choices for illuminated building markers. They offer different types of light source management, which suits companies hoping to have crisp signage appearances, a more muted look or a highly refined stylish setup that is perfect for high-end retail operations. The letters are durable, come in a rainbow of colors and suit any façade type.

Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Lightbox cabinet signs Fort WorthAs the name implies, these markers consist of a box that contains a light source. Its exterior features printed acrylic that lights up when the box is switched on. Choose this for signage that is visible from walkways and areas where passersby are already close or where the size of the lettering is not necessarily large.

Combination Markers

Sometimes a business wants to mix and match marker construction for a memorable impact. For example, you may choose to add a monument sign to your business property but want to have a lightbox cabinet set up on top of it. Conversely, you may choose to combine backlit and front-lit channel lettering to make the most of the light and shadows display as well as the light strength that this setup offers. The options are truly endless.

Digital Signage

Exterior dimensional illuminated letter signs Fort WorthRelative newcomers to the genre of illuminated signs, digital markers are very bright and inevitably draw the attention of motorists and passersby. Not only are they highly visible in all weather conditions, but they also allow for changing images and wording. For the business that frequently offers changing specials and seasonal merchandise, this is a must-have. Sure, you could opt for an older sign that requires you to send an employee outside to change the wording, but why would you? When you can control the message with our dedicated software, you change it instantly at the press of a button.

Getting the Right Illuminated Sign for Your Business is Easy

Cowtown Graphics & Signs knows that hanging the right sign on your building’s façade can make the difference between having customers find you and being overlooked. We serve the business communities of Fort Worth, Arlington, Hurst, Euless, Bedford and Mansfield as well as the surrounding areas. If you want to ensure that your customers can find you, call us today for a site evaluation. We can get you on the road to being noticed quickly!


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