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Centerpoint One Shines with Brushed Aluminum Directory Sign in Arlington TX

Posted by Roger Carroll on Fri, Jan 17, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

Primera’s Centerpoint One office building is a mix of spacious floor plans and sophisticated but functional style elements. Located at 624 Six Flags Drive in Arlington, the building features 75,071 square feet that were renovated and redeveloped in 2008. In addition to generously apportioned office suites, this building also offers exercise and relaxation common area amenities. Plenty of companies have chosen this venue for their offices. When it came time to add a directory sign, Primera contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

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We visited the building for a site evaluation and discovered that one of our brushed aluminum directory signs would beautifully underscore Centerpoint One’s understated elegance. A rounded top gives a nod to the curves of the lobby area. The font is the same throughout with only changes in size. The brushed nickel plates can be removed to add new names. We reserved one plate and engraved it with the management office’s contact information. This adds value and functionality to the directory.

If you are thinking of adding office building directory signs Arlington, TX, businesses and their clients or customers will find useful, you have quite a few options open to you.

  • Suspended frame design. This is the kind of directory sign you would place into an office building with a very open floor plan. Since wall space is at a premium in this particular setting, this directory hangs from the ceiling, states the name of the building and then offers removable sliding frame inserts that let you add occupant information, room numbers and even arrows to help clients find their way around.
  • Metal plaques. Etched metal is an excellent wayfinding product. For a formal look, choose brass or bronze. The individual components of the signs can be removed for engraving. Brushed aluminum is excellent for modern buildings. Stainless steel would be ideal for post-modern or avant-garde interiors.
  • Acrylic sliders in frames. For a building that caters primarily to a younger clientele, brightly colored acrylics are a great solution. You frequently see these types of directories in pediatric hospitals or physicians’ offices.

Finding just the right directory sign for your particular building takes a good understanding of the venue as well as your target demographic. Our graphic artists rely on a site evaluation to get a good feel for the building and its atmosphere. We then present you with a wide variety of style choices and color options. While we are working up some sketches of proposed directories, you select the font as well as the number of available suite slots that you intend to display at all times.

It is a good idea to add more slots than you anticipate needing. Some professions – most notably doctors and lawyers – occasionally combine firms into one suite but still require separate signage so that clients or patients find them easily. When a building appeals to primarily members of the legal profession, we recommend keeping this signage requirement in mind. Extra slots also permit for additional markers if you intend to remodel your property. When subdividing large office suites, you may be able to attract additional tenants who are then in need of their own suite numbers and slots.


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